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A lender with your best interest at hand does not complicate the procedure you need to get financing. At BossFreedom we are past those restrictive terms. We have assisted countless people who say their bad credit score was their biggest barrier, which kept them from getting debt consolidation funding - secure low-interest loans from the best to deal with lenders, or find a debt relief strategy that works the best for them.

Personal finance companies have a tendency to restrict borrowing to fit their code of qualification standards, to ensure they get the most in terms of interest. Whether it is a mortgage refinancing you are after, a business financing, or a ‘luxury loan’ such as a car financing, at BossFreedom we treat every need with the weight our client thinks it should, and at the terms that have the client’s interest first.

We have made it so simple that all you need to do is simply call or submit an application stating the service you want.  For the sake of quality we have two options, we give you the best solution in our range of offers or refer you to best service provider we know they have a good track record at dealing with borrowers.

Why Us

  • Experience is key

The personal finance industry can be very complicated to both lenders and borrowers, and sometimes this is because of the complexity of statutory laws that govern lending and borrowing. However, with experienced BossFreedom personal finance advisers, we help borrowers make safe decisions that will not plunge them deeper into debts. 

  • Personalized solutions

Other than relying on payday loans, we find customized loans as the best solution. Reason being, no financial need is exactly the same as another person’s. Emergency loans, for instance, don’t need to be high interest, the same with school fees because these are somewhat basics in life. The terms of picking these loans also need to favor what the client can manage; it should not always be about the lender’s demands. 

  • All requests are our priority

Most lenders sort and prioritize client requests according to what they think is most required, for a genuine situation that’s okay. However, some lenders take this route because they lack finances to service every loan request. In other words, we work hard to fund all mortgage requests, vacation financing as well as medical financing in a timely manner. 


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