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Could be what you want is a little boost to help get a dental problem solved, maybe a nose reconstruction surgery or something to pay for your fitness enrollment program; just let us know, will finance whatever personal health project you have. On the same note, we make the financing as fitting to your exact need as possible. Some of our products include:

  • Floor Covering and Home Repair Loans

Yes, it can be that specific! If all you want is a shot in the arm to finish or replace your house’s floor, complete a kitchen basement or just rewire your home's electrical system, our home repairs loan product has you covered. We call this small home loans but we extend the repayment period to your comfort depending on one’s financial ability.

  • Jewelry Loan

Never heard of that? Now you know! Do not get stuck, we can get you the ornament you have always desired. Couples can also have us help them get that expensive wedding ring they wish to exchange their vows wearing. Some opportunities like a wedding come once and we can’t help but assist you to get the most from that joyous moment. 

As a personal finance company, debt consolidation comes automatically in our list of services. This service is meant to assist folks who may be on the verge of being weighed down by multiple loan repayments. When a person is in debt with multiple lenders it can be hard to make consistent repayment to each of them, satisfy the terms and conditions of each, which often invites penalties in form of building interest. By consolidating the debts it means we clear all the loan balance you owe your clients, so you are left with a better lower interest loan from us to service.

Our other products include Appliance Upgrade Financing, Medical Financing, Automotive Service Financing, Debt Management Counseling and many more! 


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